Privacy Policy


    The purpose of expressing Privacy and Policy Terms is to clarify whether the information which is produced or shared by users will use or not and how to protect users' information on the cloud by Ronak Software Group (River App). Wherever we use the word "us" and "for us" refers to the River, and "you" means the users who use the service.

    Privacy Principles

    River has two fundamental principles when it comes to collecting and processing private data:

    • We don't use your data to show you ads.
    • We only store the data that River needs to function as a secure and feature-rich messaging service.

    Users need to note that all activities accomplish through their accounts are the sole responsibility of them, and each user by registering with the River app and creating an account in their name accepts the responsibility for messages excluding from their account and thus is devastated denies any objection or claim.

    General Conditions

    River membership is free.

    The River brand and its logo and trademark are in accordance with the registered laws and all copyright and trademark rights are the property of.

    The commercial use of the River Trademark is prohibited by third parties and non-commercial use is permitted only by strict reference to the relevant source.

    All rights to the content generated by the River Team, including the content and images produced by the Technical and Graphic Team, are the property of River and its intellectual property.

    River users are free to use this app and will have no obstacles to expressing their personal, political, social, economic and other opinions. They can comment on various topics in cyberspace.

    Users can communicate freely with the audience and are fully free to create and participate in groups.

    It is the responsibility of users to publish and retain the rights of the publisher and the author as well as to protect the material and intellectual rights of individuals.

    Users are bound by the laws, regulations, and ethics to publish content, images, and other media that are publicly visible.

    Users cannot expect River to assume responsibility for any crime committed by users in this app that is subsequently prosecutable. River has no involvement in the commission of the crime by its users.

    Users will be able to share and promote their legal businesses through groups and other River app features. Users must take responsibility for obtaining their legal and trade licenses and River will have no liability at all for publishing such material.

    Personal Data Usage

    Basic Account Data

    River is a communication service. You provide your mobile number and basic account data (which may include profile name, profile picture and about information) to create a River account.

    To make it easier for your contacts and other people to reach you and recognize who you are, the screen name you choose, your profile pictures, and you username (should you choose to set one) on River are always public. We don't want to know your real name, gender, age or what you like.

    Your Messages

    Cloud Chats

    River is a cloud service. We store messages, photos, videos, and documents from your cloud chats on our servers so that you can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups. All data is stored heavily encrypted and the encryption keys in each case are stored in several other data centers. This way no-one can get access to user data.

    Phone Number and Contacts

    As a result of switching easily from SMS and other instant messaging apps to River and retain your social graph, our app uses phone numbers as unique identifiers.

    We save your up-to-date contacts to notify you as soon as one of your contacts signs up for River and to properly display names in notifications. For this to work and store no other data about your contacts.

    Processing Personal Data

    Spam and Abuse

    To prevent phishing, spam and other kinds of abuse and violations of River’s Terms of Service, our moderators may check messages that were reported to them by their recipients. If a spam report on a message you sent is confirmed by our moderators, your account may be limited from contacting strangers – temporarily or permanently. In case of more serious violations, your account may be banned.

    Cross-Device Functionality

    We may also store some aggregated metadata such as your IP address, devices' information and River apps you've used, history of username changes, etc. to create River features that work across all your devices.

    No Ads

    In accordance with our policies, we never use your personal data for advertisement targets or other commercial purposes. River only stores the information it needs to function as a secure and feature-rich cloud service.

    Sharing Personal Data

    Other River Users

    Other users of our Services with whom you choose to communicate with and share certain information. Note that by entering into the Terms of Service and choosing to communicate with such other users of River, you are instructing us to transfer your personal data, on your behalf, to those users following this Privacy Policy. Unless you change your default Privacy Settings. We employ all appropriate technical and organizational measures (including encryption of your personal data) to ensure a level of security for your personal data that is appropriate to the risk.

    Law Enforcement Authorities

    If River receives a court order that confirms you're a terror suspect, we may disclose your IP address and phone number to the relevant authorities. So far, this has never happened. Please note that you must comply with the laws and regulations of the country when using this application.

    Deleting Users Data

    Users are free to decide that any time they want correct their personal information, or even delete their account or leave the messenger.


    To delete your account, you can send an official email to us through @support Since then, we will erase all your messages, media, contacts and every other piece of data you store in the River cloud. Before any action, we will confirm it with you.


    In cloud chats, after sending a message, you have an option to delete it for all users. Besides, deleting a message will erase it from your messages history. The difference is still staying a copy of that message on the server as part of your partner’s message history. As soon as your partner deletes it too, it’s gone forever.

    Privacy Policy Changes

    We will review and may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. If you are curious about our latest updates, take a look at this page frequently. 

    Probable Questions

    Please contact us by @support via River or call +989223577461, if you have any questions about our data policies and privacy.