Label, Two-factor Password, Change Number, Block Users

The new River update has arrived. In this new version say hello to the following features:

  • Label
  • Two-factor Password
  • Change Number
  • Block Users


You can create and add labels to the chat messages to classify them and find them easily later.

Two-factor Password

Through Two-factor activation, you can keep your account safety and each time you want to login to any clients, inserting this password is required to preserve your account security.

Change Number

From now, you can change your River account number to the new number in case of inaccessibility to your number. Pay attention that you can make more safety in this step by activating a two-factor password.

Block Users

You are able to block disruptive users to conserve your convenience in using River.

Our team is working hard to make River up-to-date and feature-rich. We aim to develop a reliable and enjoyable messenger. Therefore, we constantly fix reported bugs. Please make sure you have installed the latest version to employ all the accessible tools. For this purpose, you can update your client to the newest version on GooglePlay and AppStore by checking the following links: ‎‏



Desktop and Web: