Keyboard, GIF, Frequently Contacted Users, Bots, and more

Today we want to talk about the latest updates released on River. After hours of working on improving the performance of the River product and fixing bugs, our team has introduced new features.

In the previous update, we introduced several fascinating features like Label, Two-factor Password, Change Number, and Block Users. You should read our article if you are not familiar with them yet. Now, you will have a fantastic experience with River that explained further:

Keyboard, a powerful feature to access to River facilities easier

Our new and unique feature called Keyboard allows you to access and send labeled messages in all dialogs. Besides, you can access and enjoy our new feature, gif (animated images). There are many features on the keyboard to make it easier for users to access the River features.

Use gif possibility

The use of animated pictures to express emotions in messages has its followers. Now, it's time to use gifs in your chats and have a different experience.

Access to Frequently Contacted Users

Has it happened before that you want to send messages and chat with your contacts, but you will inevitably have to search for their name among a large number of dialogues? We made it easier for you. From now on, you can access and chat with whom you have more dialogs with them by selecting the search option. Besides, you will have access to your recent dialog list, which can delete and resync con from then on. Note that you can see this list at the time of forwarding the messages, which will be very useful for you.

Bot usage

Todays, by increasing the use of messengers, more people know about Bots. As you know, third-party applications that users can communicate with them through sending commands, messages, and inline queries are called Bots. In River, bots provide users with videos to download YouTube videos (youtube_bot), download Instagram posts and IGTVs (instagram_bot), search and download music (blip_bot), as well as use other commands via the demo_bot bot. Users that are enthusiastic about creating customized bots can use Botfather and take advantage of its features.

Delete all contacts and re-sync

You probably face to this problem that you want to log in to your River account with your number on another device and after giving access to the phone's contacts to the app, and then realize that all the numbers stored in that device, are synchronized with your River account. They have added to your list of River contact. The ability to delete contacts and synchronize them in River settings has added to get rid of this problem.

Adding contacts by their username

In addition to adding contacts via their phone numbers to contacts list, we also made it possible to add them by their usernames (if it has set up). This feature will be useful in case users close their phone numbers from Privacy and Security Settings.

Our team is working hard to make River up-to-date and feature-rich. We aim to develop a reliable and enjoyable messenger. Therefore, we fix the reported bugs regularly. Please make sure you have installed the latest version to employ all the accessible tools. For this purpose, you can update your client to the newest version on GooglePlay and AppStore by checking the following links: ‎



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