How can you install the Mac Version of River?

We really appreciate that you download the Mac version of River. To install it, please follow the further steps:

1.First, download the latest version of River through the Apps menu.

2.If you face the bellow picture, please select the Keep button.

3.In this step, you should select the Keep Anyway button to download it.

4.After downloading, open the file to extract it as you see bellow:

5.Now, you should transfer the River app to the Applications folder.

6.Wait until the copy process finishes.

7.If you confront the message shown in the picture below, you should give access to the River app installation through Security & Privacy settings in Mac.

8.After all, go to the Security & Privacy settings in Mc. In the General tab, set the setting as you see below. Then, press the lock icon and after inserting your password the setting will apply. After that, you should click on the "Open Anyway" button.

9.Ultimately, wait until the installation finishes. Then, employ all the accessible features after registration by a valid mobile number.