River introduction and its features

River has been developing by Ronak Software Group. There are different versions of River that users can work with them such as Desktop, Web, Android, iOS, and so on, which will sync immediately so that users won't lose their messages. River makes possible communication with friends, families, and coworkers easily and high levels of safety. You can also share each format of documents with your contacts. User privacy is the Ronak policy and we employ the latest and safest algorithms for this purpose. You are able to save your messages to Save Message on a cloud to further access easily and pin your contacts as well. You can take advantage of other features like last seen, profile picture, forwarded messages, groups, and number settings to set privacy for your account in front of the other users. Other settings including change language and appearance of your app also have implemented. When you receive a message of contact in an end-to-end connection or a group, or when be added to a group, you will receive a notification immediately and are able to mute them.