Reaction, Pin Message, Seen By and more

This article will focus on the latest update of the River that has added many fundamental and functional features.


Instead of replying to messages via different emojis in 1-on-1 chats or groups to express your feeling or thoughts, you can reply with available emojis reactions. Using reactions can help you send an instant reply. Furthermore, in groups, it is also possible to see other members' feedback to the message.

Pin Message

When you want to inform others from a message, you can pin the message (file, medium, link, and text) on top and notify them easily. Then you can access it quickly. Also, unpin it when you have done what you wanted. Consider that you can pin a message on top in groups is used to make sure every member has the chance to read it.

Set Exact Time/Relative Time for the Last Seen  

At present, you can choose to see the "last seen" of users by these formats: Exact Time or Relative Time.

Pay attention that you can see users' "last seen" only if they let you.

For instance, you can see the Last seen at 12:52 or Last seen 2 hours ago.

Seen by

Has it ever happened to you that send messages to groups and want to know who seen your messages? If yes, we made it easy for you. From now, you can see a list of members that saw your message by tapping on the "Seen by."

Tiny Thumbnail

The tiny thumbnail is implemented by the River team to show you a blurred image to users before the HTTP file becomes downloaded.

On the other hand, in the River, if the latest message in a chat is a media, you can see it as a tiny thumbnail in the list of the dialogs.

Our team is working hard to make River up-to-date and feature-rich. We aim to develop a reliable and enjoyable messenger. Therefore, we constantly fix reported bugs. Please make sure you have installed the latest version to employ all the accessible tools. For this purpose, you can update your client to the newest version on GooglePlay and AppStore by checking the following links: ‎‏



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