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River messenger, a successful product by Ronak Software Group, is a multi-platform app that can be used on desktop, web, Android, and iOS at once or separately. River has facilitated communication with friends, relatives, and colleagues with high speed and security, and also by using cloud storage.

Our goal is global markets and constructive competition with the Iranian competitors' market, and our vision is not only to address users' needs and implement a market-fit product in the country, but we have always looked at global markets.

The River team is made up of professionals and experts, and also a group of Iranian elites who have presented all their knowledge and expertise in the upcoming ups and downs towards common goals. The app initially started with personal capital as bootstrap and found its fans.

River started with reverse engineering of successful and powerful international apps that could speed up users' onboarding. Besides, not only its powerful features were provided to users without any problems, but also in the development stages, the product team has always researched the needs of users and implemented many functional features, and provided them to users. Moreover, in implementation of this feature-rich app uses the newest programming languages ​​by the recommendations of existing international benchmarks, and high-quality security tests are performed.

River as a free messenger is always developing and fixing bugs and provides users with a variety of features that can be used for one-on-one and group chats with friends, relatives, and colleagues; creating team, creating group, sending files in various formats without limitations, sending Gifs, using and building bots, message labeling, voice calls, viewing the exact time and estimated time of user activity, blocking users, adding two-step verification, sharing and viewing media in dialogues directly via Shared Media, being multilingualism, having Dark Mode and also many other useful features. Not only can this app be used for personal communication, but it also provides many opportunities for business owners through team features.

Note that all official licenses, including software ID, technical approval, electronic trust symbol (eNamad), trademark registration, and so on, have been obtained from competent authorities.

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